Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2017

The Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive, one of the most massive flagship events undertaken by the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur is a one of its kind initiative held in 22 cities across the nation in order to stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship and encourage students to embrace the idea of starting their own venture.

Upcoming EADs

Here are the cities where we will be in the next few days!

EAD Kolkata
28th October, 2017
EAD Bhopal
30th October, 2017
EAD Ranchi
30th October 2017


Nothing is an overnight success. You need to feed it, nurture it and shape it into exactly what you want, and this takes a lot of inputs, advices and experience. EAD’s provide a varied range of past experience of entrepreneurs of the region,who faced same difficulties, and yet overcame to become one of the iconic figure in their city.


Explore the path which turns your innovative idea into reality


Explore the path which turns your innovative idea into reality.

Workshops & panel discussions

Rerfine your skills through workshops and panel discussions.


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Empresario is the annual business model competition
organized by Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur in
association with International Business Model Competition (IBMC).